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Follow this post by Barry Arrington and its lively discussion at Uncommon Descent:

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The Access Research Network is an excellent free online resource, and they also publish a Top 10 press release list as well as a Resources List. Link: You can see an archive back to 2006 here:

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Talk Radio host Hugh Hewitt talks to Richard Dawkins about the state of the Evolution debate and Dawkins’ newest book “The Greatest Show On Earth.”  The interview is quite an interesting one, and the transcript will give the reader an opportunity to examine what is real factual detail, and what is simply hand-waving claims. What may be even more telling is the reaction from supporters of Dawkins found HERE at his website where the transcript is also provided. I do hope that Dawkins will take Hewitt up on another round in the near future. Link HERE

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Learning about evolution also means learning about the participants in the ongoing discussion.  Some would have us believe that only a biologist,  or maybe a paleontologist with a PhD is capable of discussing and fully understanding the concept of evolution.  Others will tell us that there is really no dissent among scientists about how evolution happened.  You should not be swayed by these arguments.  Smart, critically thinking minds are everywhere, and sometimes it takes a sharp mind coming from a completely different perspective to see the strengths and weaknesses in an idea. Creationists probably take the biggest beating of all among the participants in  [ Read More ]

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via Faith&Evolution on ThinkTank with Ben Wattenberg