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It was not until I started listening to proponents on the ID side of the house that I really began to grasp the differences in the three categories of evolution.   Extrapolate ex·trap·o·late [ik-strap–uh-leyt] 1. to infer (an unknown) from something that is known; conjecture. 2. Statistics. to estimate (the value of a variable) outside the tabulated or observed range. 3. Mathematics. to estimate (a function that is known over a range of values of its independent variable) to values outside the known range.   In Macro evolution, Darwin basically surmised that if species could adapt within their kind in  [ Read More ]

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This will be the first post to KnowEvolution, and I will state for the record that these posts are placed here for others to see and think on, but I have an ulterior motive…and that is to record my own thoughts and path so I can reflect later on. Pontification is all well and good, but it ultimately becomes just a bunch of hazy recollections, and I hope to be able to mark my own progress and “evolution” of thought processes. Which brings me to our first subject on definitions. It was Mr Greg Koukl who first gave me a  [ Read More ]